Starring: Claudio Perrone. 

Abstract: We want to be faster. We need to learn faster. Tools and technology can help, but only to a point. We know it’s a battle of mindsets. But most of us are so busy firefighting, that it’s hard to see how we can grow and leverage the human potential of the people we lead and serve. Companies who try some of those big, planned, top-down, and loud transformation initiatives, quickly discover how organisational inertia can violently fight back. Most “successful” examples took years of blood and sweat. Plus, they usually required sustained sponsorship... which you may not have. Let’s face it: Nobody likes to be a change recipient. We want to be players, not pawns. 

Claudio introduces us to his favourite stealth tactic to quietly hack into the prevailing culture and terraform organisations. Do you want to bring “light” to your team/organisation? Start from the shadows! 

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