Starring: John Fisher. 

Abstract: John asks: "What does it really mean to Run IT as a Business? It is something that many CIO’s have thought about and it is a whole new way to look at the IT function. In most cases, IT operates as a cost center or a shared service, not as a profit center. Running IT as a business is not really about IT being a profit center; it is about IT running as if it was a business. IT departments have customers like any business, but do you have a marketing plan, do you have a product development organization, how aligned are you with the business you serve? 

We explore the topic of running IT as a business and running IT as part of the greater business outcome of the entire organisation. But we quickly also realised that this very much starts with the mindset of the IT Leader. "Keeping the lights on" is seen as "table stakes" and the real value can only be unlocked if the IT Leader stops seeing themselves as a technical person and starts thinking, talking and acting like a leader and business manager who also knows technology. 

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