Starring: Martijn Aslander. 

Abstract: Martijn talks about his passion: the impact of the Network- and Information Age on the nearby future of work and organisations. 

A lot of people talk about the 4th Industrial Revolution, but to him, this so-called revolution has NOTHING to do with industries. 

The rapid evolvement of interconnected people, ideas and information lead to a fundamentally different way of approaching and solving problems worldwide. 

A lot of businesses (and governments) exist, because of friction in markets that can be capitalised. 

And the dynamics of the market game itself are changing. This is all being caused by technology. 

Most of the boards that Martijn speaks to tend to think that tech is part of IT. But it is the other way around - IT is in actual fact part of tech. 

And the typical modern organisation is not very good at addressing or dealing with this issue. Martijn elaborates on this in his talk. 

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